[pgrouting-dev] Back from the Boston Code Sprint

Hi All,

I'm back from the Boston Code Sprint. It has been a long 3 days for me and I'm sure there will be more posted on other lists. We had something like 27 people turn out. It was really great to get some face time with my dev colleagues. Our hosts and sponsors did an awesome job.

Mostly during the sprinting I worked on getting pgrouting code to build and install on the postgis windows build bot. I think we are 99% of the way there. It looks like things work on MinGW64 and we had one strange linking error on MinGW32 at the end of the day. I have some changes to collect from Regina and merge back into git related to building the dependent libraries.

Interestingly, cmake is springing up everywhere, there is a postgis build system based on cmake


and mapserver will also be moving over to cmake


Both of these projects have very nice and clean cmake build files. I'm hoping Daniel and I will have some time to go through these and clean up our cmake stuff to make it a little cleaner. But at this point I am just very happy to have something that works on both MinGW and Linux.

So I'm hoping after some clean up that I can actually tackle to 2.0 coding tasks rather than infrastructure work.