[pgrouting-dev] Building pgRouting PDF for pgRouting 2.1

I just tried building the pgRouting 2.1 manual in PDF format.

Building the html version went off without a hitch, but I ran into some
stumbling blocks with PDF, but was able to overcome them.

I'm wondering if this is just an issue with my setup or some undocumented

I was building on Windows using MikTex (for pdf2latex conversion).

To overcome the build issues I was having, I had to edit the generated

Adding line:


Right after the

After that I got an out of buffer size error -- which I discovered has to do
with file names, so I edited the .tex

renaming images after_node_net.png and before_node_net.png to
after-node-net.png and before-node-net.png
and replacing the names in the pgRoutingDocumentation.tex

Do other people have these issues or is it just me?