[pgrouting-dev] Community Bonding Period's Report

Hi Everyone,

The Community Bonding Period’s Report ( April 23 - May 13) for the project titled " Make pgRoutingLayer plugin compatible with QGIS 3.0 and add GUI functions for proposed functions" is as follows:

What did you get done this period?

  • Introduced myself and my project to OSGeo community

  • Follow OSGeo community and Google’s guidelines for us.

  • Set up GitHub repository and development environment for the project.

  • Prepare the wiki page for the project and update it till now.

  • Get familiar with pgRoutingLayer source code and its file systems.

  • Read blogs about people’s experience with porting QGIS plugin .

  • Studied about unit testing in python.
    What do you plan for next week?

  • Study example python plugins to learn unit testing .

  • Write tests for files mentioned in the proposal timeline.

  • Test the code.
    Are you blocked on anything?

No, Currently I am not blocked.

‌The wiki page and repository of my project can be found at [1], [2] respectively.

[1] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/wiki/GSOC–2018-Making-pgRoutingLayer-plugin-compatible-with-QGIS-3-and-adding-additional-GUI-support

[2] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgRoutingLayer/tree/gsoc/python3



Aasheesh Tiwari
Mtech , IIT Bombay