[pgrouting-dev] First stab at shooting_star fix

Badly needing a heuristic based shortest path, I dug into the shooting_star code to see if I could fix the existing one way bug.

On the surface it looks like a very trivial fix, but not having a breadth of knowledge across how the internals of these algorithms work, I am looking for a reviewer to make sure this fix doesn’t break anything else.

My changes are here: https://github.com/stevehorn/pgrouting/commit/0ddd4bc94bef86fde6905e6255169c03c8a67e9a
Please note the inline comments. One is pointing out the actual change to fix the bug, and the other is a question on what the code is doing.

Here are some images showing the before and after:

Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Not sure the embedded images will work, so here are some direct links:


If this appears to have fixed the bug I would be happy to contribute this as a patch into the main repository.

Steve Horn