[pgrouting-dev] FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Bonn August

Dear developers,

this year, once again, we are following the old tradition of hosting a codesprint on the FOSS4G. More precisely, we offer a setting so that individual projects can meet for their codesprint. Since projects benefit from each other as well, the codesprint will naturally be held conjointly at one place.
Unfortunately, circumstances have forced us to divide the codesprint timetable-wise.

The first part is scheduled to take place directly before the conference, the second immediately after. The first two and a half days start on Sunday, August 21, 2016 at around noon and are scheduled to end on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 (open end). The 2nd part starts in the morning of Saturday, August 27, 2016 and ends on Sunday at 12 pm.

We are happy to have found a really awesome location for you. Codesprint and accommodations are combined in one hall. Check out http://www.basecamp-bonn.com/ for details about the venue.
Working zones will be created for you in the breakfast area and hallways. There’s the option of finding relatively inexpensive sleeping accommodations in train sleeping cars, camping buses, classic cars and more. Additionally, an outdoor area is available for you to enjoy Bonn’s summer weather in August, while working. Healthy and not-so-healthy catering of drinks and snacks will be provided by us. Participation in codesprint is free of charge. However, overnight stays will have to be reserved and paid for by you.

Another hint: the BaseCamp is within walking distance from the conference venue (WCCB) and has good access to public transportation – the Icebreaker takes place here, too.
You see, it’s worthwhile booking here!

As the accommodations are available to all FOSS4G participants, we will make an effort to make advance booking possible for you a few days ahead, to ensure you have the opportunity to sleep on-site and wrap up the evenings jointly. For that, it’s necessary for you to sign up (https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2016_Code_Sprint) and leave your email address so that we can contact you immediately accomodation booking is available. We need your sign-up for the planning of snacks and drinks, too!

This is open to all who wish to participate in one or more projects. There’s always plenty to do – it’s not all about programming. Translation, documentation, feedback, discussions, testing – all this is also important for project so everyone is cordially invited to attend the codesprints! Registration with the conference is not a prerequisite for participation in codesprint.

One thing we’d like to ask you: with an approx. 120 participants anticipated, the WLAN capacity will naturally be exhausted at some point. Please be sure to avoid huge on-site downloads of data, as this could impact the work of others. Thank you!

The Codesprint Organizing Team is looking forward to your coming!


  Part I: Sun 2016-⁠⁠08-⁠⁠21 12:00 noon -⁠⁠ Tue 2016-⁠⁠08-⁠⁠23 (open end)
  Part II: Sat 2016-⁠⁠08-⁠⁠27 -⁠⁠ Sun 2016-⁠⁠08-⁠⁠28 12:00 noon


  Venue & Accommodation: BaseCamp. (For more informations: http://www.basecamp-bonn.com/)
  Nearby Hotel: Bonnox (http://www.bonnox.de/en/)


  If you have questions/comments/ideas please let us know. Send an email to codesprint@foss4g2016.org. You are welcome!