[pgrouting-dev] GSoC Hard Pencils Down Monday Sept 23rd

Mukul, Razequl,

From Anne Ghisla:

Next Monday, 23rd of September, is the hard "pencils down" deadline.
Make sure your code is well tested and documented by that time, and
discuss with your mentor about what to include in the code submission.

Code structure for pgRouting as you should know is the following:

- this should be your documentation, look at trsp or another project and clone this file can edit it for your function

- this contains all your src files for the pgRouting code and is should build as part of the pgrouting. Let me know if you need help with the CMake files to get this to work.

- this contains the SQL wrapper for your C function(s) and any addition utility functions needed

- This contains test.conf, *.data, *.test, *.rest files for the automated test system. Look at another project and ask if you need help setting this up.

- this is an optional directory that can have a C/C++ standalone test tool for running your code outside of the database for debugging and algorithm validation. Put a README.txt and Makefile here to compile and explain how to run your tests. You should also have some sample data files here for your tests if you include this directory.

If you have other files that you want to keep in the project please create a folder like:
And put stuff here so the project is clean and we can merge it into the core pgrouting in the future. If you have already committed the files the use 'git mv <from> <to>' to move them or 'git rm -r <files> dires>' to delete them. Then commit and push all your changes.

Please get this all checked in to git before the deadline. You have to be responsible for this because I'm not tracking the deadline in your timezones. I also don't know the code submission rules, but I suspect that you can tar/zip up the <project> directory. I would include a README.txt in the <project> folder the says:
   o who you are,
   o what your project is,
   o that is it part of pgrouting at
     https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting and
   o that your code is in branch <branch>
   o how to build it and install and test it

Thanks for all your hard work this summer, I hope you have both had a fulling summer and are excited by your successes and triumphs over your various set backs. I will looks forward to seeing your final submissions and being able to try out your code.