[pgrouting-dev] GSoC preparations

Hi Mukul and Razequl,

GSoC is a program that cares about visibility. And for OSGeo as a mentoring organization successful students make it easier to ask for slots in the next year.
If a GSoC project is successful or not, the mentors and the project community will tell, but for OSGeo it’s important that we show activity. :wink:

You will have to fulfill some formal stuff such as weekly reports. If you do it smart, then it’s no big deal at all. Just …

  1. write your plan for the next week in advance, then
  2. make updates while you’re coding and
  3. clean up a bit at the end of the week

There will be weeks with lots of results and there will be weeks with not much progress. But don’t worry, just write it down. I and Steve are totally happy if we don’t need to send reminders every weekend asking about the status :wink:

As a start I have created a Wiki page for each of you:

See this as the entry page of your 2013 GSoC project and style it as you like.
Just write your reports as a Wiki page and then send the link to the OSGeo mailing list.

I also have created a branch for each of you (a link is on the Wiki page).
Furthermore you should be subscribed to the pgrouting-dev mailing list.
Just ask questions to this list or ask for comments to ideas, etc… The worst thing that can happen is, that you get no reply :wink:

Looking forward to some great new stuff for pgRouting.


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