[pgrouting-dev] [GSoC] Report - Flow algorithms for pgRouting - Week 5

Hi all,

I am working on the implementation of maximum flow algorithms and their applications for pgRouting during the GSoC 2016. This is my fifth report.

  1. What did you get done this week?

This week I created some additional sample data in order to better show off the functionality of flow algorithms. I also started to try writing some PgTAP tests but I am going to need help to check exactly what I need to test, how, etc… I also created a function that calculates the max flow for multiple sources/sinks.

  1. What do you plan on doing next week?
    While creating the multiple source/sink version I realized that maybe the current function signatures I have planned have not been so good. I want to discuss this with my mentors and possibly have only one function with the implementation as a parameter. Once that is done, I can move on to writing the documentation and other implementations.

  2. Are you blocked on anything?
    I am going to ask for help about writing the PgTAP tests in this coming week.

You can check the branch I’m working on here:


Best regards,

Andrea Nardelli