[pgrouting-dev] GSoc'17 Weekly Report 9 - Rewrite of Turn Restricted Shortest Path Algorithm in pgRouting

Hi everyone,


   What did you get done this week?

   This week, I completed the integration of pgr_lineGraph with
   pgr_dijkstraTRSP. I also added the code to remove the restricted edges
   of size 2 from the line Graph.
   - Details along with the commit log can be found in [1]
      - Set of pull requests can be found in [2]

   What am I going to achieve for next week?

   In the coming week, I'll be working on the implementation of Dijktra in
   the Line Graph.

   Details of possible sub tasks can be found in [3]

   Is there any blocking issue?

   No, I am not blocked currently.
   - The wiki page can be found in [4]
      - The repository can be found in [5]




   [4] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/wiki/GSoC-2017-Rewrite-TRSP

   [5] https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/tree/gsoc/rewritetrsp

Thank You,
Vidhan Jain