[pgrouting-dev] Heads up - we will be moving this mailing list to discourse

I will soon be sending everyone subscribed to this mailing list an invite to

If you have issues with this list moving to discourse, please let us know.

After the switch over the email address will change from
pgrouting-dev@lists.osgeo.org to pgrouting-dev@discourse.osgeo.org

If you want a head start you can go over here and log in with your OSGeo
LDAP account as detailed here:

Right now we are in mirror mode, so you can see all the messages here:

and once you log in, your identity on this mailing list will be merged with
your discourse identity (assuming it's the same email address or you have
registered your mailing list email address there).

Once we start using discourse, you have the option of using the web
interface to interact with this list or still using email for
correspondence, with the only difference being sending to the new email
address if you want to start a new topic, or replying to a topic email.


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