[pgrouting-dev] Implementing Pickup and Delivery Problem for pgRouting

Hi all,

This is Manikanta. I’m a GSoC student implementing VRP-Pickup and Delivery problem for pgRouting. After reading many resources I had planned to solve the problem in two main steps.
1.) Getting Initial Feasible Solution
2.) Optimizing the initial solution using TABU search

So according to the plan I had done first step i.e getting initial solution. Both my mentors helped me in solving the issues I faced. I just want to inform this in the developers list and get some feedback/suggestions.

Here is the link to source code I’ve written: https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/tree/gsoc-vrppdtw/src/vrppdtw/src

How to run:
compile: g++ pdp.cpp -o pdp
execute: ./pdp < <input_file>

Sample Test Cases:
There are two directories which contain input files and corresponding output files.


Suggestions are welcome. The two steps are for solving the problem, there is a big task left after that, i.e… integrating into pgRouting.