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Your right on all counts of course. If I start working with networks that big, I’m sure I can find some funding to patch pgRouting and Boost. In the meantime… :slight_smile:


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Stephen Mather <stephen@smathermather.com> wrote:

In general using OSM data is working great in pgRouting. One place which still needs to be patched with allowing big integers is alphashape and points as polygon.

Hi Steve,

You’re right that big integers are not supported and I just had to revert a change in osm2pgrouting, because I had tried to change “gid” to bigint, which caused wrong topology and routes. I think such a change would be a more difficult task, because pgRouting makes use of shortest path implementation of Boost library.

Nevertheless I believe that it’s not really urgent issue and problem that pgRouting does not support bigint right now. OSM just needs these 32bit ID’s, because in their database every way and node gets an ID. For pgRouting we just use a subset of this data (roads), so I would doubt that there is right now road network data of a size, that really requires bigint type.

Of course it’S necessary that import tools like osm2pgrouting are able to handle 32bit ID’s when they parse OSM data, and they may store “osm_id” as an attribute for reference to the original OSM object. But there is no need to use the same ID’s for “gid”, “source” and “target” attributes. It would be even bad for performance not to renumber the ID’s to have smaller numbers.

Or did I misunderstand something?



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