[pgrouting-dev] library version mismatch? building pgRouting for postgreSQL 9.1 on Mac OS

Hello all,

I have been seeking to install pgRouting on Mac OS 10.7 and seem to have gotten as far as compiling the current GIT version of pgRouting using an include path change for boost 1.49 and exporting LIBRARY_PATH so that the linker could find libgmp. Now, when I attempt to execute routing_core.sql to install the routing functions in my database, I get the following error:

psql:routing_core.sql:32: ERROR: incompatible library "/opt/local/lib/postgresql91/librouting.so": version mismatch
DETAIL: Server is version 9.1, library is version 9.0.

Is there an option to build a pgrouting library that is compatible with postgres 9.1?

I installed PostGIS 2.0 and PostgreSQL 9.1 using macports if that matters. Macports includes pgrouting 1.05, however the port is currently broken, I believe due to incompatibility with newer boost versions.

Thank you,
Conrad (Alec) Gosse, MUEP
Doctoral Candidate: Civil &
  Environmental Engineering
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA