[pgrouting-dev] New to OSGeo


I would be applying for GSOC this year, so while going through last year’s page I came across your organization and found it interesting to work with. I’d gone through the skills required and I had a basic idea of all the platforms required. I’d recently worked with osm in one of my academic project and implemented a simple off-line routing platform independent app for my college. While going through the ideas page I saw various search and flow algorithms that are needed to be implemented. I also have basic idea of tabu search and astar search. So I strongly feel that I would be able to contribute well to this organization.

As I’m new to this organization I would like to get familiar with the code base and know how things are implemented and how things work so that I’m in a position to add or improve something.Also as I’m new to postgresql and pgrouter I would need guidance to setup the project on my machine and would like to get familiar with these technologies.

Any help would be of great importance for me at this point of time. Looking forward for a reply.


Umang Goel.