[pgrouting-dev] pgRouting 2.0 Update 2013-03-19

Hi all,

I review the pull requests against master today and merged the following into branch sew-devel-2_0. I have NOT merged these into master which would have made merging them into my branch trivial, primarily because I am not working in master or testing in master and don't want to mess that up.

So these were merged into my branch:

#71 catch exception by reference and reduces (a || a) check
#72 Adapt PostGIS function calls to the standard spatial type (ST) prefix syntax
#76 Added Driving distance delta function

#67 Free heap allocations

I review the following and did not merge them for the following reasons:

#40 add sql uninstall scripts

This was a good idea but it is not needed as we move to CREATE/DROP EXTENSION. It might still be useful for the pre pg 9.1 users.

#81 Fix postgresql path finding code

I have already made a lot of cmake changes because of the directory tree changes I'm making in sew-devel-2_0 branch.

#49 TSP with fixed source & destination

This is an interesting addition. I will look at it later in more detail, but if I have time I am probably going to totally refactor the TSP code to make it more modular and replace the GAUL library with a faster solver.

#75 KSP Code initial version

Dave has offered to merge this code into my branch so I will let him tackle this one. I am happy to have some help with some of these tasks.

I want to thank everyone for the contributions and efforts.

If anyone has time and would like to work on documentation, test cases or code, please let me know.