[pgrouting-dev] pgRouting 3 questions (image removed)

Hi Devs,

I have three questions today.

1) I would like pgrouting to be aware of one-way streets.
I have read the page “How to handle one-way streets” but it has left me wondering, am I supposed to manually identify and label every one way street in my database?
This is obviously not practical. Is there a tool for importing OSM data into PostGres that auto assigns one way streets a reasonable reverse cost value?
I used osm2pgrouting when I imported my data, both the cost and reverse_cost fields seems to be set to st_length(the_geom).
This generates paths which go backwards around roundabouts, this is very dangerous :slight_smile:

2) I am interested in buses so I do not want any of my shortest paths to include (pedestrian or bike) ways.
I am using the wrapper function dijkstra_sp_directed, is there a way to tell this function to ignore ways that are of type pedestrian or bike.

3) pgRouting comes with some useful wrapper functions but it seems to me that it is missing one very useful one.
Why does pgRouting not ship with a function that calculates shortest paths from two (lon, lat) pairs?
Both myself and Daniel have written functions that do just this.
Daniel: http://websi.openvrp.com/
Cathal: http://ncg.nuim.ie/i2maps/projects/sp/index.html
I am not familiar enough with plpgsql to convert my code from Python but if someone else wanted to do it then I would be very happy to see this shipped with pgRouting.

Kind regards,