[pgrouting-dev] [pgrouting] bi-directional shortest path merge is crashing back-end (#90)

On 6/1/2013 6:37 AM, Daniel Kastl wrote:

The example in the documentation now works with |pgr_bdAstar|, but it
still crashes the server with |pgr_bdDijkstra|.

For |pgr_bdAstar| the same issue as |pgr_drivingDistance| applies, which
requires to reconnect to the Postgresql server after installation with

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I asked about this on the postgresql list and Tom Lane suggests that we probably have a memory use issue and the we should do our testing using a server built with --enable-cassert. He also suggests that the fact that some functions run and other fail is not a good indication that things are getting done correctly. :frowning:

The debian packaged 9.2 that I'm using does not have that option set. I need to look into how to rebuild the package with that set.

Since 90% of our C code wrappers are all patterned after after the original dijkstra shortest path wrapper, it is likely that with we have memory issues with one we might have them with all out wrappers, which is a depressing thought.

Anyway, we need to understand and resolve this issue.