[pgrouting-dev] pgRouting Update

Hi all,

I have created a new branch 'develop-2_0_1' which has some really minor changes in it. This will be used to check in critical bug fixes against the 2.0.0 release in case we need to release bug fixes.

Currently all changes in 'develop-2_0_1' are also in the 'develop' branch. 'develop' is for version 2.1.0 which will be out next feature release.

I just pushed some convenience functions and trsp via support. Via support can be used after a pgr_tsp() solution to get the optimized route from trsp.

The via support is just a prototype in plpgsql at the moment, I hope to convert it to C/C++ because it can be optimized significantly there.

Docs and tests have been added for all the new functions I added.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on these.