[pgrouting-dev] [postgis-devel] Bringing PgRouting into PostGIS

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As Anton mentioned in a previous email: this is an idea and there is no decision made, so we welcome your opinion and comments.
Please share them with us if you have some!


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From: Paul Ramsey <pramsey@cleverelephant.ca>
Date: 2010/9/10
Subject: [postgis-devel] Bringing PgRouting into PostGIS
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Discussing with the PgRouting team here in Barcelona the prospect of
moving them into PostGIS as an integrated feature. The process would
take some time and probably not land until 2.1.

The benefits in terms of offering a more integrated and complete
product seem very compelling to me (and are similar to the benefits we
are going to get as raster moves into the main tree), and since they
are willing and eager to join us, this is a great opportunity.

The stages would be

(a) move their code and tickets into our OSGeo infrastructure, with
their code living in /spike/pgrouting to start with and their tickets
under a “routing”, basically following the model we used with raster
(b) they will prepare a migration plan for how to bring their code
into the main tree. This will involve changes on their part
(standardizing function names, directory structures, etc) and perhaps
changes on our part (adopting a CMake build)
(c) prepare the ground for the migration by making any changes
required in our tree (CMake, for example)
(d) final cut-over into the main tree

Any questions on this?


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