[pgrouting-dev] Reg : Error while installing VRP-BASIC

Hello ,

I’m getting error while trying to install vrp-basic (https://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting/wiki/GSoc-2013-Project-Information) which is developed in last year GSoC. I’ve attached a screenshot of it. Help me out .

Error : could not load library “/usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/lib/rtpostgis-2.0.so”: /usr/local/lib/libgdal.so.1: version `GDAL_1.8’ not found (required by /usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/lib/rtpostgis-2.0.so)

Do I need GDAL 1.8 version :?

Thank you ,
Manikanta Kondeti
Spatial Informatics (LSI)