[pgrouting-dev] Registering on discourse (LAST MESSAGE OF THE LIST)

Hello All,

We decided it would be better for everyone still interested in being on this
mailing list to log in or register on their own to discourse.osgeo.org.

If you have an OSGeo account already, it is preferable to use with LDAP.
You can also log in with your Github account if you have one as detailed in
welcome message.

If you want an LDAP account, go to


You can email us (Regina or Vicky) to ask us for the mantra code, with
following subject "Mantra Code for pgrouting-dev"

Details of what you need to do to continue to email the mailing list is
listed here:

The list of the old archives will still be maintained here -

If you have questions feel free to write to me or Vicky.


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