[pgrouting-dev] Rev 2.0 - who is doing what?

Hi all,

We have gotten various offers to help with developing Rev 2.0 and I think I need to get an updated list on who is committed to do what so we don't have multiple people doing the same tasks.

Dave Potts and Luis de Sousa both are interested K-Shortest Path. Dave have you already started on this? Do you have a timeframe on it? I don't want both of you doing the same work.

Kishore and Jay would you guys have time to migrate your APSP into the sew-devel-2_0 branch? These could be called apsp-johnson and apsp-??? in the tree. Your other efforts would be welcome also.

Razequl it would be great if you had a little time to migrate you bdsp and bdastar code into the our 2.0 source tree.

Others that have time and willing to help with the release we please let me know. Its not all C/C++ coding, we could use test cases, documentation, plpgsql coding, or just periodic testing. Let me know on or off list and I will help find something suitable and interesting that would be helpful to the release.

Developers - What needs to be done!

I have started wiki page here:


It is not complete, but I will add to it as needed and time allows. Basically, each algorithm gets its own tree and the top level CMakeLists.txt needs to be updated to add your branch in the tree, then it is mostly self contained. There is a perl script tools/test-runner.pl that gets run from the top level and locates all the src/<algorithm>/test/test.conf files and runs those tests. You can look at the trsp, dijkstra, astar trees for some examples.

I would be happy if someone has a better idea about testing or how to use cmake that wants to review and make changes. Lets discuss this.

Devs - Please look the url over and let me know if you willing to tackle any of these or that you will not have time to assist, so we can task these efforts to someone else.

I miss seeing our GSoC guys on the list and I hope you are all doing well.

I look forward to all your responses.