[pgrouting-dev] RFC: A simple test suite

Hi all,

A while back I started play with an idea for an automated test suite. You can download it here:


It contains a pdf file explaining the cases and a perl script that will create a database and load tables and run some tests on those tables.

I think at least one of the cases, runs trsp, although I may be mistaken. If not it should be easy to add support for trsp. Anyway I want to get this out for comment.

Things I might change are:

1. remove the dependency on perl and use plpgsql functions if needed
2. make the tests as plain text pg_dump files that can be checked into git
3. other ideas?

The goal is to have a suite of simple test that are easy to add new cases to as new algorithms are added. The tests need to be execute from a single command so it can be add to "make test" and that will report errors. The idea is that this will be minimal testing that all has to pass or at least be reviewed and have the test updated if we changed something before we release new code.