[pgrouting-dev] SQL uninstall scripts

Some time ago Philipp proposed to add uninstall scripts for pgRouting functions and he submit a patch:

This is for sure convenient, if you want to clean your database from pgRouting functions, though it also comes with some drawbacks:

  • If a new function is added, it also needs to be added to uninstall. I can easily predict, that someone will forget this some time :wink:
  • If pgRouting is re-installed it already replaces functions if they already exist
  • If a function has been dropped, it will probably not be part of the un-install script, so old functions will remain.
    I thought it would be nice to have some script instead to find all functions that were added by pgRouting and then drop them.

So first step would be to make pgRouting functions easier to identify. Steve recently wrote a function that started with “PGR_[function name]”.
I think this would be a useful convention to introduce some kind of pgRouting “namespace” similar to “ST_” for PostGIS:

Better ideas? Any thoughts? Ever missed an un-installer? Shall we apply the patch?


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