[pgrouting-dev] Starting work on function signatures for 2.0

Hi all,

I am starting work on updating all the function signatures. It looks like postGIS will be moving to the following pattern for their functions

ST_<function> where <function> will be in camelCase with no '_'

So, I plan to use this convention also. I have updated our spreadsheet:


to reflect this. I'm doing this in a separate feature branch so sew-devel-2_0 will remain stable until I am ready to merge all the changes from this task.

If anyone wants to help with this, let me know and I can push my branch to github so you can work with me on it.

Tasks are:

1. create new function and type signatures
2. propagate changes into other functions
3. add old signatures to legacy and map them to the new functions
4. update documentation
5. update tests
6. keep spreadsheet updated to reflect any deviation from the plan