[pgrouting-dev] Test-runner.pl now ignores PGPORT environment variable

This is just something I wanted to bring to your attention.
It seems that at revision:

  Revision: f5ac454c40c3369d8a60ae45ee1a47e5bbd7997c

Branch new options were introduced to test-runner

Added options for -pgport and -clean to test-runner

Which broke testing on winnie because it caused the standard PostgreSQL
environment variable PGPORT to be ignored.

For building extensions and testing against a test instance, I've been in
the habit of just setting this

export PGPORT=105432

For example and prior to this change, this worked and the tests would run
against that port. After this change
Without the -pgport variable it now defaults to 5432 and ignores the PGPORT

I think its okay to keep the -pgport switch, but if PGPORT is set, it should
be respected and use that otherwise it deviates from the behavior of how
other PostgreSQL testing is done and liable to confuse a lot of package