[pgrouting-dev] Unstable develop and develop_2_1_0

Dear community,

For the moment don’t download from develop and develop_2_1_0
Due to a misinterpretation of my part, I integrated the changes from
develop (which is being unstable due to some changes in the installation scripts)
thinking it was stable.

I am in the process of reverting the changes but please be patient,
My published my backup branch which is:


Due to my lack of skills in Git I will be doing the following:

git branch -d develop_2_1_0
git push origin --delete develop_2_1_0
git checkout backup-develop_2_1_0
git checkout -b develop_2_1_0
git push --set-upstream origin develop_2_1_0

if someone has a better Idea I really would appreciate it.