[pgrouting-dev] wrong order of segments returned from dijkstra

Hello everyone

I have a query which i use to find a route between two points . Even though the route is displayed good on the map the order i get from pgrouting is wrong the query is this one

SELECT rt.gid, ST_AsGeoJSON(rt.the_geom) AS geojson, 
                   length(ST_transform(rt.the_geom,3785))as meters,x1,x2,y1,y2,name, ways.gid 
                FROM ways, 
                    (SELECT gid, the_geom 
                        FROM dijkstra_sp_delta(
                   ) as rt 
              WHERE ways.gid=rt.gid;

do you know any way to take the segments of the route in right order ?

Thanks in advance