[pgrouting-users] assign_vertex_id error

Thanks. I could change the srid of my table. But now there is another error:

VSDelhidb=# SELECT assign_vertex_id(‘roads_line’, 0.0002, ‘the_geom’, ‘gid’);
NOTICE: CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence “vertices_tmp_id_seq” for serial column “vertices_tmp.id
CONTEXT: SQL statement “CREATE TABLE vertices_tmp (id serial)”
PL/pgSQL function “assign_vertex_id” line 15 at EXECUTE statement
ERROR: new row for relation “vertices_tmp” violates check constraint “enforce_srid_the_geom”
CONTEXT: SQL statement “INSERT INTO vertices_tmp(the_geom) VALUES (SetSRID(p,_srid))”
PL/pgSQL function “point_to_id” line 26 at SQL statement
PL/pgSQL function “assign_vertex_id” line 33 at assignment

It seems like there’s a constraint issue. enforce_srid_the_geom. What do I do for this?