[pgrouting-users] Asymmetric TSP support added by Dave Potts

Hi All,

I would like to think Dave Potts for all the work he has done with out new TSP function. Lots of hours of testing, bug reporting, and adding some extensions to the core code. You can check these out here:


We created this page so it would be easy for people to share ideas and extensions to the pgRouting core. If you have functions like this that you want to share it is easy to create a gist and then edit this page or ask use to add your contribution to it.

Our plan is to keep the pgRouting core lean and mean so it is easy to test and develop features from this stable core base. We will review gists in up coming releases and work with the authors to migrate general features with wide applicability into the core. Meanwhile, you get the best of both worlds: a stable core product and early access to features that others have contributed that you might also need.

Again, Many thanks to Dave for kicking this off and getting it started with some excellent features.