[pgrouting-users] Cleaning multilinestring vector network for routing via kDijkstra

Hi All,

I’m facing a serious issue preparing my multilinestring vector network for routing.

I imported my vector network from CAD file. Obviously, there are some areas where lines are intercrossing still not routable_through; although, they are connected to each others!

I used V.Clean (advance) to clean the network before importing to the database. I tried (break, snap, bpol, etc) alternatively but still not sure which one is the proper tool. Also I’m finding it hard to set the parameters because my vector network is obviously imported in millimeters while the network is spread on a length reaching 700m from start to destination from some ends.

I’m testing the results via shortest_path plugin before I import to DataBase. In few successful cases using shortest_path, afterwards the network gets to lose a lot of elements while importing to DB (i.e. 600 features only written from 700).

If there are other ways to make the network clean and routable, please suggest

I’m using QGIS 2.4.0 and pgRouting pg93-binaries-2.4.0