[pgrouting-users] Congratulation to our two GSoC students for pgRouting

We are very pleased to have had two projects accepted for GSoC this year.

The full list of 22 OSGeo accepted students is here:

Razequl was my student last year and and we are very happy to have him back making some additional contributions this year. Daniel will be his mentor and I will co-mentor. Razequl will be working on a VRP solution focused on scheduling and optimizing multiple vehicles and delivery routes. You can read up on his project from the link above.

Mukul is new to pgRouting this year, and he will be working on another exciting problem of partitioning a graph and dynamically loading parts of the graph as needed. This has significant implication in a lot of areas because graphs would not need to be preloaded using this technique and we would only need to load smaller subset of the graph needed to solve the problem. One application of this is would be doing something like a diagonal route across the US. Today we have to load all the data for the US into one gigantic graph, but with this approach we would only need to load a small boundary around the actual route. Read more about Mukul's project at the link above. I will be the mentor for this project and Daniel will co-mentor.

Please give a warm welcome to both Razequl and Mukul. I encourage you to be part of our community and use the user or dev list for questions so we can all support you and others can learn for the responses to your questions.

I look forward to working with both of you this year and hopefully in the future.

Congratulations and best regards,