[pgrouting-users] DON'T USE BRANCH sew-devel-2_0

Hi all,

If you are using branch "sew-devel-2_0", DON'T! it has been abandoned.
Sorry if this was not communicated well, but we have moved over to the branch named "develop" This will be where all future development gets check into.

I will be deleting sew-devel-2_0 so if you find it missing you know where it went.

By the way, the follow URL explains the branching model that we will trying to use as we move forward.


This seems like a best practice way of using git.

OK, so how do you clean up can recover from this change. I think the following will work:

1. commit all work in your existing working branch <old_branch>
2. git checkout -b mywork origin/develop
3. git merge <old_branch>

This will create a new local branch "mywork" based on our "develop" branch and make it your working branch. And finally it will merge your outstanding changes from your old branch into the new working branch.

Now you should be able to do:

git pull

to pull in changes for github which will get merged with your local changes.

If you have problems, I'll try to help if I can.