[pgrouting-users] More 2.0 changes have been integrated

Hi All,

A lot of code changed in the sew-devel-2_0 branch today.

I have checked in the bulk of the function rename changes.
Daniel and I have also updated a bunch of the docs.

With these changes, we have broken backwards compatibility with the 1.x releases.

I hope to add some backwards compatibility back into the branch via:


But it is not there yet and I have a lot of work todo to update this file. And it is not my highest priority. I want to get the bulk of the critical changes done so we can get to some kind of alpha or beta release.

So what are the new function names and how do they work?

* The ones that have test files, you can look at those.

* When I build I also publish the manual here:

* Daniel and I have been using a google docs spreadsheet here:

And if you are have problems, questions, comments, please post to the list and Daniel and I will respond.


* When I build I also publish the manual here:


I have added a small section named "History" to each function documentation
to track changes.
For example TSP:

.. rubric:: History

* Renamed in version 2.0.0
* GAUL dependency removed in version 2.0.0

I think this is useful for upgrades. Reading super long release notes is
exhausting, even worse when there are many of them.
To look at the documentation and see when a function was added and if
something important has changed is more user-friendly.

The question is what to do with functionality that disappears. Probably a
dedicated page makes sense here.


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