[pgrouting-users] osm2pgrouting 2.1.0 Beta is available for testing

Hi all,

Vicky has released osm2pgrouting 2.1.0 RC1.
You can read about it and download from here:


The release starts refactoring the osm2pgrouting code. There are a lot of bug fixes and enhancements in this code. The link above also links to the issues that were closed.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Things that you can do:

* please check any issues you reported against prior releases
* download, compile, and try it out and report any issues that you find
* Mac OS-X testing. This is important for someone to compile, install and make some simple tests. Our normal OS-X guru is busy and it would be great to get some confirmation that this is working.

Please give us a helping hand with getting this release tested and out the door.

Best regards,

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