[pgrouting-users] osm2pgrouting 2.1.0 released

The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of osm2pgrouting

The release is already available for a couple of days on the download
page, but here comes now the official announcement.

With the release of osm2pgrouting 2.1.0, we start re-factoring of the code.

Various bugs have been fixed, connection flags with the database have
the same name as of psql,
Its several times faster than version 2.0

To see the full list of changes check the list of Closed Issues on Github:

This is the documentation page:

The source code of osm2pgrouting 2.1 can be downloaded from the release
page on Github:

For Windows users PostGIS 2.2.2 bundle is up on Application Stackbuilder
and is packaged with pgRouting 2.2.0 and osm2pgrouting 2.1.0.
The binaries are available here: http://postgis.net/windows_downloads/

Packages for Ubuntu (and hopefully other operating systems) will be
available in the next weeks.

Big thanks to everyone, who made this release possible!

The pgRouting Team

Georepublic UG & Georepublic Japan
eMail: daniel.kastl@georepublic.de
Web: https://georepublic.info