[pgrouting-users] pgr-2.0 Status update

Hi All,

I want to do an update on the status of pgRouting 2.0 release. As you might know we are in an alpha release state and things are looking pretty good.

Daniel has done an awesome job on the docs:


And he has created a Travis constant integration test instance. For those that are not familiar this is a server and every time we checking code to the develop branch it gets an automated message and pulls the code from git and builds and test pgrouting against all these configuration:


And in addition to the we also have a Windows build-bot that does something similar for the windows platform.


I spent much of the weekend sorting through getting the tests to work as best as I can on the above configuration. Now that I have the test running, I can see that we have some issues with postgis 1.5, I fixed some issues we had on pg9.0 and pg9.1. So at this point pg 9.1 and 9.2 work pretty well with postgis 2.0 and 2.1.

I have cleared out almost all the bugs. We push a few of the pgrouting 2.1 (aka future) release. there are current 9 Open against 2.0 and I will probably fix 2 more of them, #104 and see if I can deal with #117 which is a catch-all for the postgis 1.5 issues.

After that we will probably go to beta1. We really need people to start working with this code. I realize that this is not easy for everyone or even anyone because it is not backwards compatible drop in replacement.

If you find bugs please let us know, in fact if you can make the time to build and test it please report that you have and what OS, Pg version, postgis version, and any details of what you have tried.

We really need the community to step up and do some testing here.