[pgrouting-users] pgRouting 2.0 update (2013-05-02)

Hi all,

I've been making progress on rev 2.0. If you are interested in checking it out you can find it here:


the code you are interested in would be branch "sew-devel-2_0"

I now have the following code integrated:

apsp_johnson - all pairs shortest path Johnson algorithm
apsp_warshall - all pairs shortest path Warshall algorithm
astar - A* search shortest path
dijkstra - Dijkstra's shortest path
driving_distance - driving distance
ksp - K-shortest path
shooting_star - is currently factored out of the release
trsp - Turn restricted shortest path
                     (replaces shooting star)
tsp - Traveling Salesman (new faster algorithm)

most of these have some trivial tests integrated. We need more work on the test cases and on documentation.

So on linux you could build and install it with something like:

git clone git://github.com/pgRouting/pgrouting.git
git checkout sew-devel-2_0
rm -rf build
mkdir build
cd build
# you can turn off the doc is you don't have sphinx loaded
sudo make install
cd ..

Let me know if you test, what platforms, postgresql and postgis versions and your successes and failures.

If anyone has time to help, please let me know and I will coordinate efforts.