[pgrouting-users] PostGIS 2.3.0rc1 release just footsteps after pgRouting 2.3.0-rc1 release

PostGIS 2.3.0rc1 is feature complete, so we’re looking for testing and
Best served with PostgreSQL 9.6rc1 and pgRouting 2.3.0-rc1.

Please give this release candidate a try and report back any issues you

Download -
HMTL docs -
PDF docs - http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/postgis-2.3.0rc1.pdf

Important / Breaking Changes

    3466, Casting from box3d to geometry now returns a 3D geometry (Julien
Rouhaud of Dalibo)

    3604, pgcommon/Makefile.in orders CFLAGS incorrectly leading to wrong
liblwgeom.h (Greg Troxel)

    3396, ST_EstimatedExtent, now throws WARNING instead of ERROR (Regina

    New Features and Performance Enhancements

    Add support for custom TOC in postgis_restore.pl (Christoph
    Add support for negative indexing in ST_PointN and ST_SetPoint (Rémi

    Numerous new function additions and enhancements: New Functions and

    3549, Support PgSQL 9.6 parallel query mode, as far as possible (Paul
Ramsey, Regina Obe)
    3557, Geometry function costs based on query stats (Paul Norman)
    3591, Add support for BRIN indexes (Giuseppe Broccolo of 2nd Quadrant,
Julien Rouhaud and Ronan Dunklau of Dalibo)

    3496, Make postgis non-relocateable (for extension install), schema
qualify calls in functions (Regina Obe)
Should resolve once and for all for extensions #3494, #3486, #3076

    3547, Update tiger geocoder to support TIGER 2016 and use http or ftp
(Regina Obe)

On Behalf of all the PostGIS Development Team,
We wish you all a joyous testing experience