[pgrouting-users] shortest path query

Dear sir, I tried the following query. It seems right to me. But mapserver is throwing up an error:

msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named ‘route’. msPostGISLayerWhichShapes(): Query error. Error executing query: ERROR: column reference “the_geom” is ambiguous LINE 1: select encode(ST_AsBinary(ST_Force_2D(“the_geom”),‘NDR’),'he… ^

It says, “column reference “the_geom” is ambiguous”

The query I used is this:

DATA “the_geom FROM (SELECT b.the_geom, b.* FROM (SELECT * FROM shortest_path(‘SELECT gid AS id, fromnodeid::int4 AS source, tonodeid::int4 AS target, length0::float8 AS cost FROM edges_line’, 35, 210, false, false)) AS a, edges_line AS b WHERE a.edge_id = b.gid) AS foo using unique gid using srid=4326”

I’m searching for some explanation on the internet too. What could be wrong here?