Please complete this brief survey regarding the website


I’m Scott McHale. I host the small, informal, OSGeo Alberta Chapter meetup
each month here in Alberta, Canada. I am reaching out to you as a
Board/Committee member or Project Officer to ask your help on an initiative
regarding the OSGeo website.

I am not particularly technical and until recently I have not been involved
in much of the OSGeo work beyond my chapter meetup. I have a personal goal
of having the majority of my members
officially sign up with OSGeo, meaning attaining their OSGeo UserID. When I
took the step of getting my User ID, I found the UX to be somewhat
disorienting. I found I had a hard time articulating both the benefits and
the process of getting the ID, based on what I found on the website.

I approached the Marketing Committee about creating a project to make that
process more easily understood by folks who, like me, aren’t particularly
technical and might not know OSGeo well. The committee suggested a broader
website effort might be worthwhile.

To that end, I’ve committed to gathering the views and opinions of
stakeholders regarding what they, and the communities they represent, need
the OSGeo website to accomplish and how well it is meeting those needs.

Please take the time to fill out our brief survey:

I will summarize the results in the coming month to help us decide on next

Thank you,


Scott McHale


M 403.970.7640