Project pages and CMS


[moving parts of an offlist discussion here]

On 9/26/06, Arnulf Christl <> wrote:
[...] is also somewhat dry... I am wondering whether
these domains ([project] are going to stay like that or whether
each project will have a page in the Drupal environment (currently they
are linked elsewhere directly from the menu in the left)?

Agreed, is absolutely dry & boring.

I am thinking for 1-2 years about moving the GRASS site to a CMS (to
better distribute the workload of maintaining the site), but resisted
so far for these reasons:
- no idea how to mirror a CMS to our 25 GRASS mirrors (make a local
  static copy, the rsync?)
- waiting for site wise solution through OSGeo (or will we have numerous
  CMSs in parallel?)