Proposal: enable the users view here

Discourse has the users view.
It is a convenient way to explore the community, to get in touch, to discover people.
Is it possible to enable it here as well?

In example Discourse Meta

It doesn’t seem active here OSGeo Discourse

Thank you

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I personally don’t see an issue with that. I thought it was the hide user profiles from public, but that is unchecked, so not sure what controls that.

You happen to know off-hand?

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I found the switch enable user directory

So should be viewable now by anonymous users. Although I’m still not seeing anyone except for “Today” so maybe it only takes effect after you click the switch.

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For today, it works.

Thank you

The strange thing is that I’m not there in today list. I wonder what I need to enable.

Yah I think there is some user profile thing I’m missing. Maybe by default users are turned off or it has to be a specific user level. Investigating further what controls who shows up there.

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I have no idea what happened, I found a ** enable user directory** that was unchecked. So maybe it’s in 2 places. After I checked that, I see you now on the list for today.

Weird it doesn’t show on week view, maybe they are doing a between for week (and so the current day) since it includes after is left out.

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How do this affect the privacy thing from EU?

I think people can opt out, so in their prefererences if they don’t want to show on the user page. I’m not sure if there is a way for us to opt out people by default and have them opt-in if they want to show on this page.

That said I’m not familiar with the requirements of EU. People are already seen if they post to categories and this page when I’m logged out shows user names and full name. Doesn’t show email (even when logged in). It does show activity, but in my mind, its not showing any additional info you wouldn’t be able to get from other pages aside from some stats. So I think if we are in compliance, exposing this wouldn’t change our compliance status.

We also need to write up the terms of service of our discourse. I think as long as we state all these things, it should be fine.