[QGIS-it-user] Help with GeoPriv plugin project

Una richiesta di un piccolo aiuto, mi pare interessante.

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Subject: Help with GeoPriv plugin project
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 20:22:32 -0500
From: Juan Pablo Duque Ordoñez <pjduque@uninorte.edu.co>
To: cavallini@faunalia.it

Hello Paolo,
My name is Juan Pablo Duque, I'm a computer science student in Colombia
and for my bachelor degree final project me and a partner developed a
QGIS Plugin: GeoPriv.
You already have approved the plugin to be in the plugin repository but
now, for the class, we need people to do a usability survey to show
results about the impact of the project and to prove that the plugin is
a real contribution.

We need you to help us, since here in our university very few students
and teachers use QGIS and we need to have more survey responses. If you
can make the survey and also distribute it with your colleges we would
be thankful.

The home page for a little tutorial on how to use the plugin is in the
homepage https://diuke.github.io/&gt; . Also the
survey is in this link http://geopriv.questionpro.com/
Make sure to download the latest version.

I will be waiting for your response and any questions you have. Also all
the feedback you can give us is very helpful. I enjoyed a lot working in
this project and with QGIS and I deeply want to contribute and make a
good tool for geoprivacy.

P.S: Sorry for the hour, is only 8:00pm in Colombia.

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo Duque

_*Juan Pablo Duque Ordóñez*_
Estudiante Ingeniería de Sistemas y Computación
Universidad del Norte

Presidente Universidad del Norte ACM Student Chapter

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