[QGIS-it-user] [Qgis-user] A nice task for a community member: revamping the QGIS github landing page

Any taker?

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I agree with Nyall.

I think WebODM landing page is also a great source of inspiration:

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Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson@gmail.com <mailto:nyall.dawson@gmail.com>>
escreveu no dia quinta, 11/02/2021 à(s) 22:11:

    Hi all!

    If someone's been looking for a great introductory task to start
    contributing to QGIS, I'd like to put a call out for a volunteer to
    have a go at re-working the landing page (the README) that you see
    when you visit


    While the current text is all accurate, it's very dry and technical,
    hasn't had a major update in years, and doesn't really paint QGIS in
    an "exciting" light! I'd love to see this revamped into something more
    visual which really showcases QGIS' capabilities. I'm thinking
    something more like what you see for the alternative QGIS albireo
    frontend at https://github.com/kadas-albireo/kadas-albireo2.

    It'd be a great task for someone who is well familiar with QGIS'
    capabilities and has a good English writing style, and it doesn't
    require any technical capabilities between simple markdown editing.

    Thanks in advance!
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