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Makes sense to me.

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Hi Michael,

Great work on this. I'll just speak on the Fundraising component:

1. Land's end shirts for members only is a great idea - we can charge a
chunk more and gives an extra priviledge for becoming a member.

2. How about a $5 OSGeo surcharge on all items? It's not a lot, but
let's us tell people that purchasing includes a contribution to OSGeo
which is a feel good thing for people. If anything, I think it might
encourage more purchases rather than discouraging them.


Michael P. Gerlek wrote:

I have embraced the "Don't ask, just do!" model -- to wit, check this

So, I would like to make the following proposal for the selling shirts


* CafePress will be used to sell shirts and other stuff directly to
  - shirts, bumper stickers, teddy bears, what have you
  - quality is "good" but not "great"
  - profits go directly to foundation
  - we don't need to handle payments, returns, shipping, etc

* Lands' End will be used for bulk orders of "really nice" shirts
  - to give to volunteers at shows
  - for VIP give-aways at shows
  - shipping would go directly to show venue (or mpg/LizardTech, if
  - VisCom will manage these orders directly

Three specific issues need resolution:
  - I'd like to get some help tweaking the "store front" design
(someone with a
    sense of style)
  - I'd like some suggestions on pricing (how much do we want to


  - I need to coordinate with Treasurer Gary in arranging accounts and


Also, we might have some discussion about how this direct-sale process

affects the idea of "contribute $X to become a Foundation sponsor, and

get a free shirt". (I'd suggest the shirt-for-membership idea is a
good one, and we use the "really nice, super-exclusive" Lands End
shirts for this purpose.)

All that being said, the CafePress site is technically live right now
and ready to roll. If we advertised it tomorrow, orders would start
to appear.


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