RE: Indonesian OSGeo Flyer - VisCom Library


Thanks for the contribution. I have uploaded them to our library:


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Subject: Indonesian OSGeo Flyer - VisCom Library

Hi Michael,

please find attached two OSGeo Flyer in Indonesian language for the
VisCom library.
We translated them into Indonesian, because Christoph will be
at the 1st
Indonesian Geospatial Technolgy Exhibition, August 23.-27., 2006 in
Jakarta and he will take some with him.

The original format is .odp but I try to provide them in a Scribus
format if necessary (e.g. the background is a bit different,
but I need
to wait until our sysadmin is back in the office to instal
the software).
The PDF is adjusted to the European DIN A4 Format, which is a bit
different from the US-letter format. But I hope it will work anyway.

Please feel free contacting me, if you have further questions
in the docs.




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