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I think so. I have to check..

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Is autodesk already planning on sponsoring or having a booth at the

Gary Lang wrote:

As you know we've lost a member of our team here at ADSK that was on
VisCom. Thus, I believe but am not certain that there was some
discussion about attending this already. Certainly we (ADSK) want to


there. Again, if this is an opportunity to convert an Autodesk-only
presence into one with OSGeo at the forefront, let's take advantage of

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Dear All,

I am forwarding a communication from Sanjay Gupta COE, GIS@Development
about the World Map Forum. Can follow-up if VisCom and board

Had earlier sent a mail about OSGeo Promotion at MapAsia 2006
(Map Asia 2006). Sanjay informs me that OSGeo brochures can be
distributed for free at MapAsia 2006 and some posters could
also be put up. Can find out where the brochures and posters
can be forwarded.

How do we follow-up on this.



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