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Got it. Sgreed.

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Yes, but we aren’t talking about translation of the brand. It would be translation of the qualifier (member, supporter, local chapter)The goal is communication so it would make sense to translate that part of it.


On Nov 21, 2006, at 2:32 AM, Gary Lang wrote:

Coke is Coke world-wide. Same for Nike. Translation of a brand dilutes it.

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All looks good to me, and I agree that simple use of “Member” under logo should be enough to clarify relationship.

I’m not sure about other language representations of “OSGeo”. Sticking with the english version would be easier (do Coke or Nike translate?) but not really acceptable given our global composition. Do we need to establish an approved list of translations of this word mark? I’m sure that there are multiple possible translations for any given language.

In any case, for local chapters I think it would be reasonable to have the logo, the word OSGeo (however that’s resolved), and then the local language translated words “Japan Local Chapter” in the same size text as the slogan.


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Dear All,

Thanks for the feedback about the logo usage.
I would like to refresh my understanding and
convey the guidelines to the local chapter
members. Pl. correct me if my understanding
is wrong so that I can provide correct information
to OSGeo members in Japan.

  1. OSGeo Officers and Board Members can use
    OSGeo Logo on their business card. Such usage
    must be in the OSGeo Specific business card.

  2. Members can use the logo with qualifier
    “Member of” OSGeo.

  3. Local chapter can use OSGeo logo as
    specified in the Local Chapter Guidlines
    under Chapter Befefits as below
    “OSGeo Chapter” is permitted to use OSGeo Logo and other branded
    resources for promoting the Mission and Objectives of OSGeo.)

  4. Web pages showing OSGeo Logo must be a html link rather
    that image

  5. Maybe we could have a ‘local chapter’ logo? So that they can have an
    OSGeo Japan local chapter one that they can use on their cards.
    For example, Japan Local Chapter could add qualifier in Japanese
    or show the OSGeo name in Japanese language below the logo.

  6. Logo’s with qualifier will be available soon. In the mean
    time members could use the presently available logo by adding
    a printed qualifier “Member of” above the OSGeo logo. Simply
    “Member” below the logo would also suffice as a qualifier,
    I think.

Particularly, the OSGeo members are eager to use the
OSGeo Logo on business cards and website for the
OSGeo event scheduled to be held in Tokyo on 7 Dec 2006.
About 250 people will attend this event. The event
website is at (in Japanese)

Kind regards


Tyler Mitchell wrote:

From my perspective (others on VisCom can speak too), the only thing we
are concerned about is confusing someone’s support/membership of OSGeo
with somehow making it look like they represent/speak for OSGeo. Having
the logo, with a text line saying ‘Member Of’ protects us from any
misuse. Once our current re-working of the logo is complete, we will
then be able to pull together some logos for this specific purpose.

We will also eventually have ‘Supporter’ or ‘Sponsor’ versions geared
toward sponsors. I suggest we keep current logo usage to ‘Member of
OSGeo’. But, Venka, others are already using the logo on business cards

  • I see no reason to not use it. However, if they can wait a couple
    weeks we will have a shiny refurbished logo for them to use!

I think this fits with the reading of the trademark motion made earlier.


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