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Glad to see we're getting our money's worth with this static tag

While I agree that OSGeo is here to promote projects and not subjugate
them, I also think that projects are here to band together to support
other OS geospatial projects. OSGeo is not supposed to be a one-way
street, but rather a collaboration between us all.

So not having any presence on the main site is not a good approach, in
my mind. An info page seems good enough, though not as indicative of
strength in numbers as being on the same system would be. But given the
state of the world, the info page is good enough and should be required.


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Jason Birch wrote:

This is what I had in mind for the project info pages:


Feedback? (other than bawling me out for using <font> tags... )

This is great.

@Gary: You see - this is what a project can get out of OSGeo. It (the
project) does not have to hack their own HTML with static <font> tags
but a professional team takes care of it. (Jason, i say this only
because I am such a very funny person...)

I'll get the other flyers/fliers/flowers up sometime over the weekend,

taking into account any feedback. As we develop the other pages, we'll
interlink them (in a "Works with..." section, a "Case Studies section",

I'd really like to see something done about the domains and look/feel.

Can we either:

- Not require that projects have a presence under the

domain structure or

- Figure out how to delegate these subdomains to the individual

projects so they can continue with their current infrastructure?

A lot of these projects have strong and distinctive web presences in

place; I feel that requiring them to toe the line is unreasonable.
OSGeo is here to promote these projects, not subjugate them. :wink:


Are you suggesting to drop the and only keep ("mapbender" always just as an example) and this new
info page?

Regards, Arnulf.


From: Jason Birch []
Sent: Tue 2006-06-27 11:02 AM
Subject: [Web Comm] Focus


Our main priority right now should be to change the focus of the main
page from news-based to use-based, implementing some of the ideas on


Wiki site focus page.

In order to do this, we'll first need to add content that can be


to. My initial thought was to duplicate the content from the Where

as individual project pages under

I also would like to take the "developer spotlight" pages that Daniel
was working on and move them from the News project into the main site

To build some case studies, we'll need to draft an appeal to the main
list asking for people/organisations that are successfully using OSGeo
project-software in their processes. This will help both to promote
OSGeo and improve the visibility of their organisations.

The projects, community spotlights, and case studies should all be
interlinked to allow users to obtain the most value no matter which


they enter the site from.

As well, things like the list of mailing lists and a list of
international/regional user groups should be linked from both the main
page and most of the user-targeted pages.

Once we start to get some of this content up, I would like to


the main page to allow new users to quickly find what they're looking

- Government
- Education
- Business
- ... ?

User Type
- Manager
- User
- Developer
- ... ?

- direct links to our internal project pages, each of which lists the
official project page, links to mailing lists, etc.

- Snippets of major OSGeo and project news. I'd like to use the project for general OSGeo and project news, and then
place major news items on the main WWW page with the Announcements
feature, pointing to the news project announcements.

If you want to start work on any of this, please let the list know.
Before we get too far, my first task is to clean out some old


folders that are hanging around in the CVS.


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